What Is That Savvy Life?

First off I want to say welcome to my blog, That Savvy Life!  I have been working on this for quite some time and am finally excited to share it with everyone.  I will be working to add content on the reg so please bear with me as I continue to update and fine tune the site, it is definitely a detailed and time consuming process, especially since I am working on it all on my own.

My goal for That Savvy Life is a lifestyle blog covering everything from food (including recipes, tips, and restaurant/ food reviews), health and fitness, beauty, a bit of fashion, travel, and anything else of interest to me.  So basically everything on the site menu, you get the idea.

Food is my #1 passion and one of the main reasons I started this site and YouTube channel.  In fact I went to culinary school for a bit and ultimately see myself creating a career/ business out of my passion so a lot of focus will likely be spent in the kitchen or at the dining table.  Most of the recipes and videos I post will aim to offer healthier foods with some cheat days thrown in for good measure.  I love to cook and love eating even more so I really want to provide options that are full of flavor and don’t necessarily have you feeling deprived.  I believe that if you know what you are putting in your body by making it yourself you have control of the quality and will ultimately feel better.

I aim to offer you plenty insight, tips/ tricks, how tos, and reviews in a fun and entertaining way.  Above all I try to have fun and try not to take myself too seriously.  Feedback is always welcome and I hope you enjoy.

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