OCHO Organic Candy

I can eat candy like nobody’s business.  Not sure how one person can eat 20+ Reese’s in one sitting but it has happened…  Sometimes it’s like a can’t stop, won’t stop situation.  Moderation?  It’s like I’ve never heard of it.  I really do try eat consciously and focus on wellness and better choices but sometimes you have to live a little and say F*** it.  Cravings are cravings and sometimes a substitute just won’t do.  If I’m going to go on an all out candy rampage and devour everything in sight I might as well not put total crap in my body (corn syrup, non-organic ingredients, etc.), right?  Not looking to totally regret my candy binge (been there, done that…Reese’s I’m looking at you); I want to feel good/ better about what I’m consuming and putting in my body, which is something I think most of us can agree on.  

And this brings me to my next point which also happens to be the focus of this post.


Queue OCHO Candy, an organic candy brand that makes delicious candy and I love them for it.  They sent me a box to try a variety of their candy, which was like a dream come true being the candy connoisseur that I am, obviously.  Truthfully, OCHO’s chocolate does not disappoint, it’s what you expect and want out of candy, but organic.  If you’re gonna truly indulge and go for some milk chocolate type candy (seriously just go for it) then OCHO is a convenient and delicious option that you can feel so much better about.  I’ve seen it a Rite Aid and Target among other stores (you can find what stores carry OCHO here) and they can also be purchased online, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding it next time that insaitable candy craving hits.  

Now on to the good stuff…FLAVORS!  I ate my way through the entire package OCHO sent me, and trust me it was a lot of chocolate.  Someone had to do it and I’m not complaining.  I received both candy bars and individually wrapped minis as evidenced below and I do have some opinions.  I mean all the flavors are great, but I do have favorites.

OCHO candy bars: Coconut, Peanut Butter, Caramel and Peanut, PB & J, and Dark Chocolate PB

OCHO candy minis: Peppermint, Peanut Butter, Dark Chocolate Caramel, Caramel, and Coconut

Out of everything I tried I’d go for either the milk chocolate caramel or dark chocolate salted caramel minis right away.  Those two flavors were my absolute favorites out of the bunch.  The filling is perfection, soft and creamy but not overly runny or too stick and chewy.  I’m also a fan of the peanut butter because PB and chocolate is always a winning combo.  On the candy bar side of things I really loved the caramel and peanut bar and the PB+J bar.  But honestly its hard to go wrong with any of these flavors!

I’m so happy I got a chance to learn about and try OCHO!  I love that I now have an organic and easy go to when that classic candy craving hits.  AND…..because I want you guys to experience OCHO firsthand, I’m giving you a code for 20% off so you can taste this delicious organic candy for yourself!  Use the code SAVVY20 (must be capitalized) at check out on OCHO’s site for 20% off your order.  The code is valid for 1 week from the date of this post so make sure you check them out ASAP and enjoy some candy!