New Year’s “Resolutions”

We are a week plus into 2017 and I have been doing a lot of thinking regarding what I would like to accomplish or change this year, and so I’m going to get real about New Year’s Resolutions.

Why is it that we place such a high emphasis on the New Year as the only time to make an impactful change in our life?  Sure it marks the beginning of a different year and it can feel like the time is right for a change, however, I feel that it is important we don’t limit making changes for ourselves or our lives to this single point in time.  Any time of the year is perfect for a new beginning or setting a new goal for yourself.  I feel that when we designate the “New Year” as having exclusive rights to new beginnings we set ourselves up for failure. If we get off track on the goals we make it is easy to get in the mind set of “oh well, I guess I will try again next year.”  This pattern that many of us fall into is harmful when we have set goals in mind (weight loss/ exercise being a big one for a lot of people).  It just doesn’t work if you don’t commit to yourself and the process of getting there.  Sure we all fall off the wagon so to speak, stumble in our efforts to eat better, be healthier, lose weight, etc. but that one deviation does not need to be a negative, something to beat yourself up for.  Let us not give up or dwell on where we feel we went wrong, but focus on what we can do next to continue in the right direction.  We always have the ability to change and make our future choices better.  Keeping this in mind I have made some “resolutions” for myself.  I have decided to commit to the following not just because it is the New Year, but because the below things are important to me (long term) and creating the best life for myself.


  1. Try something new each week.  Whether visiting a new place, trying a new restaurant/ food, or workout class, I will have done at least 52 new things by the end of the year! (by far my favorite and most fun goal for the year)
  2. Feed my body the best ingredients and be mindful of what I am eating.  I try to eat organic where I can and listen to my body and only eat when I am hungry.
  3. Work out a minimum of 4 days a week.  This is the minimum number of days I feel that I need to feel my best.  I always try for a day or two more but will commit myself to at least 4 days.
  4. Post to the blog a minimum of once a week.  I need to be consistent!
  5. Incorporate the other lifestyle components I want to focus on into my blog (fitness, beauty, more travel, etc.).  Stay tuned and make sure you follow That Savvy Life on social media for updates on new content.
  6. Stop making excuses for others.
  7. Stop making excuses for myself.
  8. Be honest with myself.
  9. Not care what anyone thinks.  I am going to do what makes me happy and not allow my perception of other’s opinions to hold me back.

Check out a short video below of me going through my “resolutions” for this year!