Mixed Berry Frittata

I was thinking about making this all week.  Every night I went to bed thinking, tomorrow, you have to try this out.  Well, I finally did, and it was good enough that I needed to share the recipe with you.  I’ve been pretty into frittatas recently, craving the savory variety when I want something easy and filling.  You can add so many different things to one and make it your own that the possibilities are pretty much endless.  This time around I decided trying a sweeter spin on this dish by making a mixed berry breakfast frittata.  At first the words berry and frittata might seem odd together, but trust me you have to give this one a try when you want something just a little sweet for breakfast but still super healthy.  As this is mainly egg based you are getting a great source of protein, plus it is sweetened with only a bit of maple syrup, so it is lower in sugar and has no refined sugars.

On another note, I have also been looking for other ways to incorporate probiotics into my diet (other than my fav kombucha and other fermented foods . . . variety is the spice of life, or so they say) and found LiveKuna, a brand offering some organic products that include probiotics.  I added some of their chia + probiotics to this recipe for some extra health benefits.  You can make this recipe without this ingredient with no effect on the end product, however, if you’re looking for a way to sneak some probiotics into your meal I would suggest adding a little of this ingredient, which you can also sprinkle in smoothies and more.  You can find out more about LiveKuna Organic Chia + Probiotics here.

You can make this to share or save leftovers to reheat for breakfast throughout the week.  Either way I’m sure you’ll love it! xo Sav

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