3 Cocktail Recipes to Toast Summer Goodbye

Summer is winding down, although you could argue we still have a few weeks left of summer heat, at least in southern California.  In celebration of the end of summer, here are 3 refreshing cocktail recipes made with minimal, real ingredients to get a little more summer in while you can and to cheers it farewell until next year!  

All recipes feature Runa bottled teas which come in both unsweetened or lightly sweetened varieties and are as great on their own as they are in these cocktails.  As an added bonus Runa is a certified B-Corporation meaning giving back is in their business model.  All teas are made with organic fair trade guayusa leaves, a natural source of polyphenols and slower releasing caffeine when compared to coffee.  (All stuff to LOVE!)  I have used three of Runa’s bottled tea flavors here (peach, lime, and hibiscus berry).  Give one (or all) of these a try to enjoy a tasty cocktail without any artificial ingredients or through the roof sugar content  . . . and remember to drink responsibly!


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